Cold Steel Quick Draw Sword Cane

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Cold Steel Quick Draw Sword Cane

RCCS88SCFETS Quick Draw Sword Cane by Cold Steel
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Quick Draw Sword Cane by Cold Steel
Fully Functional
Combat Ready

The Quick Draw Sword Cane by Cold Steel

Cold Steel has long extolled the benefits of Cane Swords. These stylish and discreet self-defense instruments are non-threatening and merely dapper. Concealed in plain sight until needed - they can leap into action in an instant!

Cold Steel's latest Sword Cane, the Quick Draw Sword Cane, features a lightweight, durable black aluminum shaft with a rubber ferrule tip to add traction when walking on wet or uneven surfaces.

A quick, swift pull on the Grivory pistol grip handle will release the friction seal and swiftly deploy a tapered 18 inch long , 8mm thick needle-tipped spike threat- deterrent!

The Cold Steel Quick Draw Sword Cane is economical, good looking, and easy to use.

Overall Length: 37 5/8"
Blade Length: 18"
Blade Thickness: 8 mm tapering to 3 mm
Blade Material: 420J2 Steel cylinder with a strong sharp point
Handle Material: Grivory
Total Weight: 16 oz.
Weight Sword Only: 8.5 ounces
Friction Release
Scabbard: Black Anodized Aluminum Shaft
Fully Functional and Battle Ready

$69.99 each


All Edged Weapons, Battle Ready or Not, May Injure,
Kill and/or Become Damaged if Used Improperly

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