Templar Knight Dagger

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Templar Knight Dagger - Toledo Swords Templar Knight Dagger - Toledo Swords

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Templar Knight Dagger

# RCHK2039TS

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# RCHK2039TS Templar Knight Dagger

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The Templars: Monks - Soldiers: Guardians of the Faith, Guardians of the Holy Land, and Guardians of the Pilgrims. The Templar order, of religious and military character, was founded in Jerusalem in the year 1118 by nine crusader knights. with the official denomination of "Order of the Poor Knight of Christ". Later they were known by the "Knight of Solomon's Temple" (Templar) denomination after establishing themselves in King Solomon's ancient temple. The Pope Inocencio II recognized the order of the Templar in the year 1139. The stamp of the Templar, emblem of the order; is two knights mounted on the same horse (representing the duel vocation of the order - religious and military) with the inscription in Latin "sigilum militum Xpisti" - (Stamp of Christ's militia).

  • Overall Length: 17"
  • Blade Length: 9-1/2" Double Edged Fancy
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • Handle Material: Antique Gold Finished Cast Metal
  • Sheath: Custom Made Antique Gold Finished Cast Metal

  • Toledo Swords
    Manufactured for: Toledo Swords
    Model: RCHK2039TS
    Product ID: RCHK2039TS
    $24.99 New

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    Templar Knight Dagger
    # RCHK2039TS Templar Knight Dagger
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