Wyatt Earp Gun Knife Set

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Wyatt Earp Gun Knife Set


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# RCSZMC2083TS Wyatt Earp Gun Knife Set

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Wyatt Earp Gun Knife Set

Item # RCSZMC2083TS
The Wyatt Earp Gun Knife Set

A GREAT collectible of Wyatt Earp

Set comes complete with a folding revolver knife, leather holster and a Dodge City Marshal Badge all in a large deluxe wooden display box. The gun knife's handles sport the name and picture of Wyatt Earp. On the top of the display case is a picture of Wyatt Earp. Inside the display box is another picture and the
Story of the Legendary Wyatt Earp
Wyatt Earp is best known as the fearless frontier lawman of Wichita and Dodge City, Kansas and principal survivor of "The Gunfight at OK Corral".

Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp was born in Monmouth, Illinois on March 19,1848 and moved to Colton , California with his parents. In 1870, he returned east and married his first wife. The sudden death of his new bride made him drift in Indian Territory and work hunting buffalo and as a stagecoach driver.

In 1875, he arrived in Wichita , Kansas and joined the police force. In 1876, he moved to Dodge City and became a card dealer in a famous saloon and assistant Marshal. It was here that he met and became lifelong friends with Bat Masterson and Doc Holliday and he established his reputation as a notable lawman and gambler.

He moved to Tombstone , Arizona in 1879, with his second wife, his brothers, and their wives. Here, he acquired the gambling concession at the oriental saloon and his brother , Virgil became the town Marshal while Morgan took a job with the police dept. It was here that Wyatt met his third wife, Josie , who remained with him until his death.

On Oct. 26, 1881, a feud that had developed between the Earps and a gang led by Ike Clanton culminated in the most celebrated gunfight in western folklore "The Gunfight at OK Corral". Three of the Clanton gang were killed while Ike and another escaped. The Earps and Doc Holliday survived, but both Morgan and Virgil were wounded.

In March 1882, Morgan Earp was gunned down by unknown assassins. Wyatt, his brother Warren, and some friends, embarked on a vendetta and killed four suspects.

After being accused of these murders, Wyatt and Josie fled to Colorado, Idaho and then finally settled down in California. Wyatt died on Jan. 13, 1929 in Los Angeles at age 80.

  • Gun Knife Open Length: 7"
  • Gun Knife Closed Length: 4 1/2" - fits into leather holster
  • Blade Length: 3"
  • Blade: Locking
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • Comes in a deluxe wood display case 11" long and 5" wide
  • Set includes Gun Knife , Leather Holster , Dodge City Marshal Badge

    $24.99 each

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    Wyatt Earp Gun Knife Set
    # RCSZMC2083TS Wyatt Earp Gun Knife Set
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