Claymore Sword by Marto of Spain

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Claymore Sword by Marto of Toledo Spain

Marto # 751

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# RCMA751TS Claymore Sword by Marto of Toledo Spain

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Claymore Sword by Marto of Toledo Spain

Marto Item #751
The Claymore Sword by Marto of Toledo Spain

Jacob I (1394-1437). King of Scotland, was crowned in 1424 in Scone.
Jacob I decreased the power of the feudal lords after overwhelming the Albany clan , because of the conspiracies against him when he was a child. Under his rule the scotish laws were codified and a system of weights and measures were set. Jacob I , a remarkable poet , was asassinated by Sir Robert Graham in a conspiracy. For his bravery in the battle and "strong hand" for ruling his country, Jacob I was called "the Lion of Scotland".

Marto , a fine spanish sword manufacturer located in Toledo , Spain , presents the historically accurate display version of the Jacob I , "Lion of Scotland" claymore sword.

  • Overall Length: 57"
  • Sword Weight: 6 1/4 pounds
  • Blade: Tempered Stainless Steel - 24K Gold etched -Double Edged
  • Handle: 24 karat gold and silver plated hilt with wood grain handle adorned with silver and gold ornaments front and back.
  • Rated: Fine Historical Display Sword
  • Miniature Claymore Swords available - Click Here

    $580.99 each Sale Price $399.95

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    Claymore Sword by Marto of Toledo Spain
    # 751 Claymore Sword by Marto of Toledo Spain
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