Sword Maintenance Kit

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Sword Maintenance Kit

# RCBRCN210780TS

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# RCBRCN210780TS Sword Maintenance Kit

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Sword Maintenance Kit

Item # RCBRCN210780TS
The Sword Maintenance Kit

  • Blade oil
  • Oiling Cloth
  • Powder Ball for blade polishing
  • Brass Awl and Hammer
  • Comes in wooden box

    $14.99 each

    Regular Maintanence:

    A sword cleaning kit is absolutely necessary for the maintenance of your swords. If you do not own one, make sure you get one as soon as possible.

    Our sword maintenance kit includes the following which is necessary in the proper care of your sword:

    1. Brass Awl and hammer to dismantle the sword
    2. Oil cloth for cleaning oil from the blade, polishing and spreading oil on the blade
    3. Extra large uchiko (powder ball), the pad contains non-abrasive powder that absorbs extra cleaning oil
    4. Bottle of blade oil, to prevent rusting
    5. Plastic container to store oiled cloth

    Before you begin - Caution: The blade of your sword might be extremely sharp and may cause serious injury. Make sure that the blade edge is never in a position where it could injure yourself or others.

    Maintaining your sword:

    The scabbard of many katana swords are finished in many coats of black lacquer. To preserve the sheen, the scabbard needs only to be wiped occasionally with a very soft cloth. Handle the scabbard only by holding the wrapped section; otherwise fine scratches caused by handling the lacquered sections will dull the finish.

    Blade Maintenance:

    First, use a sheet of the oil cloth to remove oil from previous maintenance, holding the edge away from you and working very carefully to avoid injury. (Note: if you wish to save the oil cloth, a soft cotton cloth may be substituted).

    Then tap the powder ball lightly against the blade every two inches or so along its length, dusting the blade very lightly with powder. (Note: when using the ball for the first time. You may need to tap the ball against the blade a few times to "start" the powder flow through the fabric of the ball.) Then use a clean piece of oil cloth or cotton cloth to carefully rub over the powder to polish the blade. Repeat until both sides of the blade have been polished and the powder is removed. Do not inhale the powder.

    (If oil and powder is not enough to remove debries adhered to the blade, you can use a paper towel wetted with either water or solvents to clean the blade surface. thoroughly dry, and repeat the maintanence process from the beginning).

    Apply a few drops of oil along the length of each side of the blade and use a piece of the oil cloth or cotton cloth to spread the oil evenly over the blade. Be sure not to touch the blade again before resheathing.
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    Sword Maintenance Kit
    # RCBRCN210780TS Sword Maintenance Kit
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