Toledo Swords ™ About Us

High-Quality Handcrafted Swords Forged by Master Craftsmen from World-Renowned Toledo Steel in Toledo, - Real Cool Stuff at GREAT SAVINGS...Why shop elsewhere?

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Toledo Swords ™ About Us

Toledo Swords ™ : Collectible Heirloom Armory

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About Us

  • Toledo Swords™ is the #1 source for Collectible Heirloom Armory hand forged in Toledo , Spain by master craftsmen in world-renowned Spanish steel. If you are looking for the most unique , handmade swords and armor crafted in Toledo, Spain , you have found them.

    • Tradition and Experience
      Toledo Swords comes from an unbroken line of traditional sword making. The very mention of the name Toledo brings to the minds of sword buyers a picture of the famous medieval city of Toledo, Spain.
      For hundreds of years Toledo , Spain has been the acknowledged , unequaled sword and armory capital of the world with their legendary forged Spanish steel which were used and coveted by Hannibal , Roman legions and even the Japanese Daimyo. And Toledo Swords™ is acknowledged as the leading source for the fully functional , high quality , hand forged , true replica collectible heirloom armory from Toledo , Spain.
    • Handmade Artisan-Crafted Arms and Armor
      Not machine stamped. Monotonous perfection is due to machine stamping. However, Toledo Swords' products have the mark of handmade items, each uniquely different, crafted and forged in the sword capital of the world-Toledo, Spain.
    • Swords Forged with Tempered Spanish Steel
      Whether you admit it or not, and no matter how many times you have promised that your swords will always remain sheathed or mounted for display purposes only -- we know better. There is a sword-wielding highlander , musketeer or Lancelot in all of us!
      While display swords make for beautiful wall hangers , the fully functional Toledo Swords™   tempered Spanish steel blades are stronger and more durable and therefore better for the continuous sheathing , unsheathing and "shadow fencing" that will no doubt occur as soon as you receive your new Toledo Sword !
    • Toledo Swords™ features TOP of the Line quality samurai and medieval swords , knives , highlanders , rapiers , daggers , spears, armor and other martial weaponry , for museums , collectors , the military , interior designers , and the general public as well. Anyone , desiring collectible heirloom armory at affordable prices , can fulfill their desires at Toledo Swords™. We guarantee you will be pleased with our large , EVER EXPANDING , selection of fine replica and fantasy armory , our unmatchable quality , and of course , our friendly , totally committed , high level of customer service.

      We thank you for your visit and look forward to being of service.

      All Edged Weapons, Battle Ready or Not, May Injure,
      Kill and/or Become Damaged if Used Improperly

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